How to Sage a House

How to Sage a Home

Are you interested in How to Sage a House? Perhaps you moved into a new home, or apartments or simply want to cleanse your home with new spiritual energies. The act of which is considered by some as “spiritual hygiene.” Many spiritual practitioners choose to sage their home or office as a way of clearing the energies that have become stagnant around your house.

Benefits of Sage

We take care of ourselves and loves ones in many ways. We encourage good health and diet. This is why we also choose to sage our environment using White Sage. Smudging has been traditionally used to keep negative energy at bay. It is used against the negativity which could interfere with our sleep, creative energies and emotional states. Some research suggests that sage contains compounds that could help with insomnia. White sage has also been used to sooth anxiety as a natural aromatherapeutic relaxant.

How to Sage a Home

Before you begin sagging yourself and your environment, make sure you open up your windows and doors around your house or apartment. You want to make sure the unwanted energy around your home has a way out.

Prepare your cleansing with a White Sage Kit. Traditionally, you want to use an abalone sea shell to hold the sage and a feather to fan the smoke around your home. You can find a sage kit here for only $8.95. Abalone shells are great because of their shape. They are easy to hold when walking around your home and they can handle the heat created from the burning herbs.

Hold the sage at an angle and light it and let it burn for a few seconds. Gently blow out the flame in order to expose the orange embers on the end of the sage bundle.

Walk around your home and let the smoke cleanse the open spaces. The sage should stay lit if it has been rolled properly. You can gentle whirl the bundle around as you walk through your house to keep the embers lit. Remember to gentle as you wouldn’t want any loose embers ending up where they shouldn’t be.