Shipping Policy

At Good Vibe Gifts, we fully understand the importance of offering our customers reliable and fast shipping. Certain conditions may cause a delay while safely shipping out and processing orders.

When you place an order in the U.S, please allow up to 3-5 days for an order to be processed before it is shipped. When your transaction has been approved, your order status will be updated to processing. When your order is finished processing, it will be set to completed as it is dropped off to the post office. You will then receive an automated email with your tracking information. In some cases, processing may take longer due to certain delay restrictions and other unforeseen circumstances. We will always notify you if your order is going to take longer to process.

We do not ship orders out on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Post offices are closed on the weekends and therefore we will not be able to have your order picked up by our local post office.

Packages will not be delivered on the weekends. When estimating a processing and delivery date for your order we refer to the days of the week (business days) One week contains 5 business days. USPS does not deliver packages on the weekends, or holidays, except for on Saturday. If you place an order Friday night, you will not receive an automated email with your tracking number until Monday at the earliest. This counts as 1 business day for processing orders. This does not count as 3 days processing. Therefore, any cancellation requests or returns will not refer to this time frame as 3 days.

Please note, we do not guarantee arrival dates or times. We do not refund or credit shipping charges for any shipments.  Good Vibe Gifts is not responsible for packages lost by shipping carriers. Additional insurance options may be purchased via USPS. The shipping time does not include the processing time for packaging up and creating orders.

Placing Orders  


After you complete an order/purchase, your entire order goes into a “pending payment” status. You then can expect to receive an auto-generated email with your order receipt and order #. Once payment is confirmed and successfully processed your order will be updated to “processing”. If your payment is declined then your order will be updated to “failed”. You can expect to receive a payment receipt regarding your transaction as well.

Please make sure that your billing and shipping information match. If your billing and shipping information do not match your transaction will be placed on hold while it is reviewed for approval.


When your order goes from a “pending payment” status to a “processing” you will receive an auto-generated email stating your order status has been updated. Processing times vary depending on the products you purchased. Smaller orders are processed and safely packaged the quickest. Larger orders, including wholesale orders, take a little extra time to verify and securely package the contents.

In Stock Items

Items that are marked as “In Stock” usually process and are shipped out within 3-5 business days.

Please note, orders are not packaged on U.S Holidays and other instances in which the postal services are closed. Shipping times may also be delayed due to holiday’s that are not considered federal holidays. Although, businesses including the Post Office remain open during these days, busyness during these times may result in a slight delay in shipping. Shipping times do not guarantee package arrival date. Items are packaged on business days, not weekends. USPS First-Class, Priority and Express shipping time is based on the time the order is picked up by USPS. Orders are processed until 5pm EST. At 5:00 PM the United States Post Offices are closed. Therefore, we can not have your order picked up by our local USPS after 5pm EST. In stock items placed online after 5pm will be processed and ready to ship the following morning.


When your order goes from “processing” to “completed” you will receive an auto-generated email with your order status and tracking number.

Any orders placed on the days listed below will not ship out until the next business day.

December 25thChristmas Day
January 1stNew Year’s Day
4th Monday in MayMemorial Day
July 4thIndependence Day
1st Monday in SeptemberLabor Day
4th Thursday in NovemberThanksgiving Day
December 25thChristmas Day
December 26thDay After Christmas (No mail Service)


Shipping Policy

Q: When will my order arrived once it is picked up by the Post Office?

A: Orders that have been picked up by our local Post Office in Rochester, New York may take anywhere between 3-5 business days. In the best case scenarios, delivery times have been as little as 1-3 business days depending on your location on this map.

Q: Do you offer international shipping?

A: Yes, we offer international shipping to our customers. For international orders, please allow 5-7 business days for your order to be processed and dropped off to the US Post Office. We can not guarantee delivery times and however the package is handled outside of the USA is no longer under our control and responsibility.

Q: Do you ship to a P.O Box?

A: Yes, as all packages are shipped via USPS all orders may be shipped to a P.O Box address. Please make sure your shipping information is complete and accurate; including your P.O Box / Suite number. Orders that contain a billing / shipping address mismatch are held for approval. In this case, shipping to a P.O Box address may require approval by our team.

Q: What happens if my item arrives damaged?

A: If there are any issues with your items when they arrive, then please notify us immediately. Please contact our customer support team within 48 hours of delivery. In the event that a return is excepted, you will be sent a prepaid shipping label which will require you to send back the package and all of the contents as received. Do not throw away anything in the package if it arrives damaged.