The Benefits of Worry Stones

The Benefits of Worry Stones

What are the benefits of worry stones and where do they originate from? All worry stones correspond to the element of Earth, which offers gifts of patience, stability, peace, and harmony. Use them to ground or disperse negative feelings and energies.

Other names for worry stones include fidget stone, soothing stone, sensory stone, or thumb stone.

The History of Worry Stones

Originating in Ancient Greece, they also date back to ancient Tibet, Mesopotamia, Ireland and North America. Native Americans kept stones in sacred bundles, and the stones were believed to hold the power to heal.

These stones were passed to each generation as a link to their ancestors. Often made from bone, wood, glass, ceramic and metal, they are typically the size of your thumb. A flat and smooth stone, typically made naturally with running water, rubbing one between your thumb and index finger has been shown to act as a grounding tool, relieving worries and bringing calm.

The Benefits of Worry Stones

While the action itself is undoubtedly soothing, it has proven physical benefits. The acupressure from the rubbing activates sections of your brain, releasing endorphins for a calming and euphoric effect. Worry stones are even used in some cognitive behavior therapy, as an early stage of treatment. The stones can take the place of other self-soothing, but harmful behaviors such as nail biting, hair pulling and lip biting.

While worry stones work great on their own, you can enhance the benefits by also using meditation, prayer and intention. Different stones will give you different vibrational energy, so choose wisely.

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With so many different stones to choose from, there is sure to be one that fits your needs. These stones are small and compact, you can bring your stone anywhere with you for on the spot stress relief.